Church Dates 2018

Church Dates 2018 Actual – Download Page

Church Member Meetings 2018                                             Deacons Meetings 2018

Wednesday 31st January                                                                            Tuesday 23rd January

Wednesday 21st March – AGM                                               Tuesday 13th March

Wednesday 13th June                                                                                   Tuesday 5th June

Wednesday 12th September                                                     Tuesday 4th September

Wednesday 5th December                                                        Tuesday 27th November

Monday 1st January                                         New Year Day Meeting

Saturday 6th January                                       Take down Christmas Decorations

Saturday 6th January                                       Pearls of Wisdom New Year Lunch

Sunday 7th January PM                                    Covenant and Communion

Saturday 3rd March                                         Work Morning

Sunday 11th March                                          Mothering Sunday

Sunday 18th March                                          Palm Sunday

Thursday 29th March                                       Maundy Thursday

Friday 30th March                                           Good Friday

Sunday 1st April                                               Easter & Baptismal Service

Tuesday 10th April                                          Fire Training ( 19:30 Hrs)

Saturday 12th May                                           Boys Brigade Awards Afternoon

Sunday 20th May                                             Sunday School Prize-Giving

Tuesday 22nd May                                           POW Outing to Broadstairs

Sunday 17th June                                             Father’s Day Service and BBQ

Sunday 1st July                                                 Memorial Service

Saturday 7th July                                              Girls’ Brigade Awards Afternoon

Saturday 21st July                                            Open Garden

Tuesday 24th July                                             Work Evening

Sunday 9th September                                     Harvest

Sat/Sun 20th/21st October                               Church 91st Anniversary Weekend

Sunday 11th November                                    Enrolment & Remembrance Service

Saturday 8th December                                   Work Day / Put up Decorations

Sunday 16th December   AM                              Christingle

Sunday 16th December   PM                              Pavilion Brass Band

Sunday 23rd December   PM                             Carols by Candlelight

Tuesday 25th December                                  Christmas Day 10.30am Service Only

New Year 2019

 Tuesday 1st January                                         New Year’s Day Prayer Meeting

Saturday 5th January                                       Take down Christmas Decorations

Saturday 5th January                                       Pearls of Wisdom New Year Lunch

Sunday 6th January  PM                                     Covenant and Communion